snusX is a DIY snus product and snustools produced with passion by V2tobacco.

The company

V2tobacco is a snus and chewing tobacco producing company located in Denmark founded by the brothers Marc & Patrick Vogel, with one mission:

We manufacture chewing tobacco, portion snus and loose snus of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. Our snus is characterised by a well-formed basic flavour where the tobacco’s full body and bite combine in sweet harmony. V2 Tobacco knows what really good snus should taste like.

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The quality

V2 Tobacco’s quality standard starts from Swedish quality requirements to snus. V2 Tobacco has been working intensely with optimizing and sophisticating the production process and has on the basis of that specified a standard which applies to the snus products produced at V2 Tobacco’s factory in Silkeborg, Denmark.

All products are getting tested by independent laboratory for nicotine, TSNA and bacteria.

Other brands

Phantom snus – Traditional snus aromas
Thunder snus – Extra & Ultra strong snus
Offroad snus – Experience different flavors in regular and mini portions
Zeroberg snus – nicotine & tobaccofree snus


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